New York Fashion Week – Tempest In The Big Apple

For the many people involved in fashion, you may be wondering exactly what is New York fashion week? As it is, New York fashion week is a week long occasion that began on June 7th in the year 1993 and is supported currently by Olympus. Fashion week is frequently known as Olympus fashion week due to the fact that its current sponsor is Olympus; however in recent years past its was also known as Mercedes Benz fashion week because they were the sponsors at that time.

The venue for this occasion takes place in Bryant Part in New York City (located at the corner of forty-second and sixth streets). The which is eight acres in size is changed into an immense arena of fashion garnered in large tents.

Each separate gigantic tent has air conditioning and is separated into several areas. Each individual venue is separated into roughly twelve thousand square feet and has an integrated runway, accompanying guest seating, lighting sound, as well as area for back stage activities.

The venues are used by the designers to present their ongoing designs and work; they arrange and furnish the area in accordance with their own personal taste. The tent walls are outfitted with small booths, where products designated for promotion are being given away or sold. New York fashion week happens two times a year.

Designs for the forthcoming fall season are featured at the fashion week show which occurs the preceding February. Designs for the approaching spring are featured in the September fashion show.

So Your Thinking About Going to Fashion Week?

The typical attendees at fashion week are celebrities, journalists, fashion purchasers, and social types. Because this event is by invitation only, journalists who wish to go must seek accreditation prior to the event. You will very likely see just a few celebrities at each show.

It is clear, you will very likely notice fashion models in addition to numerous well known designers. If you happen to work your way into an invitation to the event, curiously there is not formal type of dress code to follow. The majority of individuals adopt the “anything goes” rule.

Although comfort does play a part, the primary goal of dressing up for fashion week is to establish a unique wardrobe that will give expression to your own individual sense of fashion. If your an individual who has a passion for design fashions, then a trip to fashion week is the event for you.

In addition to receiving the opportunity to witness all the up to date designs prior to then showing up in stores, you will have an incredible amount of fun as well. So even though it might appear to be next to impossible to receive an invitation to fashion week, never say never – if nothing else, at a minimum you can read about the exciting events at the show in the latest fashion trend magazine.

Paris Fashion Week – A week of glitz and glam

Paris, is a dream city which every sanely person would love to visit. When it comes to fashion, Paris gets voted top, simply because of its avant-garde designs made with the proficient hands of world’s top class designers. Paris Fashion Week is organized in the most snobbish venues in the Paris City. Carrousel du Louvre is where the event is usually held. The extravagant fashion shows are the best segment of fashion display where the most chic and elegant clothing worn by beautiful women are brought forth. Paris Fashion Week is one of the major fashion events held in Paris and one of the biggest fashion shows displayed internationally.

This magnificent event is held semi annually presenting designs for spring/summer and autumn/winter. Paris Fashion Week is a whole busy week filled with glamour, style and beauty which communities over the world get attracted to. There are four main fashion weeks in the world, New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and the Paris Fashion Week which is the most enchanting of all. The Paris Fashion Week for the winter season 2102 was held on the 18th of January which included top-notch fashion designers like Yohan Serfati, Louis Vuitton, Dior Homme, Paul Smith, Comme des Garcons, Homme Plus and more. The main motive of these high end runway shows is for promoting the renowned fashion designers.

The best models in Paris feature in the Fashion Week with the most exquisite clothing which has a great deal of value and cost that has been incurred on it. The people visiting Paris during this week should definitely catch a glimpse of the lovely runway show which is a very pleasant sight. It would be great if a traveler can spend time in Paris to experience the lively atmosphere, places of attraction and the beautiful setting of the night sky. Le Royal Monceau, Raffles Paris is a Luxury Hotel Paris which would give you a comfortable time and a spectacular view of the Paris city with the background of the Eifel Tower lighting up the whole landscape. If you are in Paris a visitor can find plenty of Luxury Hotels Paris if you desire a dreamy Paris holiday.

Lakme Fashion Week – the Ultimate Fashion Destination of India

Style and class

The Lakme Fashion Week (LFW) is a big event in the fashion calendar of India. As the name indicates, this fashion show is sponsored by the cosmetic products giant, Lakme and IMG Reliance. Various models walk on the LFW Ramp showcasing the new collections from new and professional designers. This is the ultimate fashion stop where one gets to witness the classic designs. The event goes on for a week focuses on various themes like winter wear, summer wear, bridal wear, western wear, ethnic wear and so on. Getting auditioned to walk on the LFW ramp is a defining moment for most of the aspiring models. This event is attended strictly on invitation. The audiences include business magnates, celebrities from the Indian and international film world, global fashion experts and the like who come to the event to be aware of the current fashion trends in the country. The show mostly happens in big cities in order to cater to the elite population.

Lakme Fashion Week in the news

Mumbai played host to the most recent LFW that was held during August 2013 and the focus was on winter wear. The fashion week that happens throughout the day for a whole week is the best platform for budding designers to showcase their talents to the world. This is considered to be perfect launching ground for these novices to make mark and prove their mettle in the fashion industry. Usually, the morning slots of the week are reserved for these budding fashion designers from all over the country. It is the evening slot that is looked forward to by many fashion enthusiasts because professional fashion designers who are the best in the business, exhibit their pieces during this time. An additional reason for the full audience during these evening hours is because of the presence of famous film celebrities who are used by the ace designers as show stoppers for their collection.

Sponsors for the show

The LFW is a huge event in the Indian fashion industry every year and therefore it has found favour with many corporate sponsors who have been regularly giving their support for the immensely popular event of the show. It would not be exaggerating if we say that the main reason for the success of LFW is because of the continuous support given by the sponsors and partners like DHL, Tigre Blanc, Reliance Trends, Reliance Jewels, Mauritius Tourism Board, Inter National Institute of Fashion Design and more.

Expert panel on the advisory board

The LFW has been a grand success every year because of the new concepts, introduction of new talents, increased employment opportunities, greater exposure etc. that this event has managed to create. This has been possible only because there is a whole think tank of people sitting on the advisory board deciding every move and strategy to make the LFW a huge success. The members on the advisory board are:

* Anita Dongre
* Namrata Zakaria
* Nishat Fatima
* Mehernaaz Dhondy
* Aishwarya Subramanyam
* Anamika Khanna
* Dr. Alka Nishar
* Dr. Darlie O’Koshy
* Gaurav Mahajan
* Manish Malhotra
* Narendra Kumar
* Pradeep Hirani
* Priya Tanna
* Purnima Lamba
* Rohit Bal
* Sabyasachi Mukherjee
* Saket Dhankar
* Sangita Kathiwada

The Rules Of The London Fashion Week

Now that the London fashion week has come to an end, it is time that fashion stores renew their collections with some of the outfits of the 2010/2011 winter trends. Every woman likes to wear garments that are in keeping with the latest trends; therefore, we figured they could use some information related to what they should or should not purchase this year.

The London fashion week is not just a show, but a place where women can get inspired for their new look. Enroll in the military service and buy a double buttoned trench coat as soon as you see one because designers have all manifested their interest for this style in the 2011 winter.

The military look works great with the earthy colors that were proposed during the show. Brown, yellow, military green, caramel are the colors that can be worn by every woman as they match all hair colors and skin tones. The makeup may be in keeping with the shades of the clothes, but for a more interesting effect, you may opt for a pink and golden-based makeup that will contrast and soothe the rather tough aspect of the military look.

The rock star look is another trend that was proposed by English designers during the fashion week. They confessed that they have taken their inspiration from the famous British rock singer David Bowie. For that matter, many of the t-shirts and suits presented at the show were highly colored with architectural and floral images. The models hairstyles have been arranged in keeping with the rebel aspect of the clothes; thus, if you want to look like a rocker you need to wear your hair freely.

Although many models wore leather jackets, the midi skirts seem to be in fashion this season, especially if they are made of blue jeans, cotton or satin. Contrasts are very appreciated by the English designers and as a consequence, they have combined the elegant skirts with the rocker thigh or knee high boots that have captured the attention of every fashion critic during the past year.

Charge your wardrobe with as many scarfs as you can find as they continue to be the favorite accessories of designers. In addition, you may change your last season big bag with one of the smaller hand bags that were proposed this year.

Its hard to resist temptations with all these attractive trends, but now you can leave all your financial worries aside and purchase any of the above clothes with little money. As a matter of fact, designers have prepared a lot of surprises for their customers, so it would be a pity for you to miss them.